Counseling Referral Services - Maine

Matching your child with the right counselor

What Clients Say

Counseling Referral Services - Maine has been an outstanding assistance to my practice. Penelope's nursing/psychiatric training, sensitivity, and her many professional contacts with mental health providers, has made the referral process for us much easier.
CRS is truly a much needed resource in our area. I highly recommend it to all clinicians.....Thanks Penelope!
— Fred Cialfi, Jr. Ph.D., psychologist

My husband and I have two teenagers. When our son, 15, needed a therapist, Penelope matched him with a man who was perfect for our son. The therapist was able to work with a reluctant teen and helped him with some major life issues.
So, when it came time for our daughter, 17, to see someone we contacted Penelope again. She matched our daughter with a therapist, but I was reluctant to travel any distance for the appointment. So we went to a therapist near by. Bad choice. Our daughter hated her and then refused to see the therapist Penelope had recommended. Our mistake!
— Laurie and John, parents

Several years ago, I began experiencing terrible grief and anxiety and I knew that I needed professional support to move through these challenging times.
I remembered Penelope telling me that she was starting a business that would help match people with therapists, so I gave her a ring. I explained to her what was going on and Penelope listened carefully. After a few moments Penelope said that she knew of someone that she thought would be a great match for me. I gave the therapist a call later that day and we met for the first time within that week. She was the perfect fit!
Penelope has a keen ability to listen with care and insight and to match people with a professional. I feel so grateful for this service, and would recommend her unique skills to anyone in a heartbeat!!
— Lauren, a teen

I told mom I was having really scary dreams. She said talking to someone about them would help me. I talk to Barbara, she is really nice and we play with toys and read books. My mom likes her too.
— Emily, 9 years old